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Jun 13, 2011

Inadequate Eye Lashes


What can I do to get wink-worthy eyelashes?

Our eyes provide the focal point for around 90 percent of our face-to-face communication and they reveal much about a person.  Over the ages, long, dark eyelashes have also come to represent beauty, youth, elegance and glamour—the luxurious drapes that frame the windows to the soul!  

People who suffer from short, thin, light or inadequate eyelashes often find that makeup doesn’t solve the problem.  Mascara can only do so much and false eyelashes can be inconvenient and messy. The Palmetto Skin & Laser Center provides eyelash thickening treatments that result in longer, thicker, darker lashes within weeks.  Patients can rest assured that their treatment is overseen by board-certified dermatologists whose results are proven by satisfied patients from all over Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Chester and Lancaster.

Because you're beautiful inside and out.

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