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Aug 05, 2010

Irritant Dermatitis


What is Irritant Dermatitis?

One of the most common type of rash is called “Irritant Dermatitis.”It is caused by frequent or prolonged exposure of the skin to irritating substances.

These may include:

1. warm or hot water used for frequent hand washing, bathing or cleaning.

2. soaps and detergents.

3. fragrances in cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes, and even moisturizers.

4. solvents such as rubbing alcohol, cleaning supplies, or chemical agents encountered at home, work, or during hobbies.

Affected skin is usually rough, red, scaly, and can sometimes have blisters initially.

It may itch, burn, or be painful. The hands and fingers are frequently involved, but any skin area can be affected. It is more common, and often worse during the cold, dry winter months when skin loses moisture more easily.

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